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Thank you for visiting my site! Below you will find out information about my newest self-published book,

"BEING YOU -on a budget- & LOVING IT!"

You can order and also book me for speaking engagements. 

Love, Peace, and Blessings!


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 About the book:

This financial journey journal was inspired by Jasmine overcoming and maintaining self-sufficiency after a wilderness season in life. She hopes to make an impact by sharing simple financial tracking tips and strategies that can help with tracking expenses, creating budgets, and preparing you to progress towards savings goals. This journal encourages you to become financially disciplined and consistent so that you can save for better days, not just the rainy ones!

About the Author:

Jasmine “Jai” Jones is a hardworking, loving, and

on-the-go Mother of three. She is passionate about serving God, writing, and encouraging others to embrace their inner beauty. Writing was once a hidden treasure that she has grown to share with others. Outside of writing, Jasmine is an established hair braider and aspiring salon owner. Jasmine enjoys spending time with family, reading, and creating a healthy balance. 

Budgeting Strategies

There are fun scenarios to show realistic examples of money management for people in debt, making ends meet, or currently saving.

Manual Tracking

Jai's Financial Journal has simple charts that can be customized to help you track your income, expenses, savings, and goals.

Savings Goals

Jai's financial journal highlights important factors for successful savings goals. Your goal, time frame, your budget, and accountability partnership. 

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